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Saturn Gong

1.     SATURN – 22 min.

Enhances concentration, focus and the process of becoming aware of consciousness.  As well to be disciplined and persistent, and setting events with our self and others.  Helps to be more structured and organized, taking responsibility and completing any tasks.


2.    SATURN – JUPITER – 11 min

Expansion of thinking, performing and accomplishing difficult tasks with ease.  Increases self-control.  Accepts restriction, allows commitment and completion.  Enhances openness, trust, optimism, good fortune with discipline and commitment.


3.    SATURN – MARS – 11 min

Enhances self control, discipline, persistence, physical ability and the warrior within.  Giving endurance through personal strength.  Puts desires in motion.  Motivates action, strengthens sexual nature.  Third eye activation.


4.    SATURN – NEPTUNE - 11 min

Helps cut through confusion and deception by focusing and bringing awareness.  Enhances control over dreams, vision and spiritual experiences.  Brings ability surrender to creativity.  Getting to the heart of a matter.


5.    SATURN – PLUTO – 11 min

Enhances awareness and commitment to confront our deepest secrets, bringing light to the darkness.  Discipline to let go of the old and bring rebirth, allowing the new.  Restrains extreme desires and correct effect of past excesses.  Replace rigidity with progressive needed action.  Postpones death.