The Sun Gong


Reiki is a universal life energy that heals the body, mind and spirit.  It provides balance and symmetry and connects us to our higher selves. Reiki is a healing energy that leads to greater individual harmony and attunement to the basic forces of the universe.

Sotantar is a Reiki Master and provides Reiki Training in addition to Reiki Sessions. 

Gassho Meditation to begin a Reiki Practice Session

Gassho - "two hands coming together"

The 5 Reiki Principles

  1. Don't get angry today.
  2. Don't worry today.
  3. Be grateful today.
  4. Work hard today.
  5. Be kind to others today.

Reiki Training Program

Reiki Session with Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

The First Degree

The First Degree is meant to reconnect us with our own physical form, the thing so close to ourselves and yet so distant. Normally we feel our own body when we are in pain or discomfort. The physical body is the crudest extension of our soul, a miraculous vehicle that enables us to move about and feel and understand endless situations in daily life. It helps us experience (and eventually understand) pain and pleasure, bliss and agony. Getting in touch with our bodies again also helps us tune into someone else's body, and by extension, their being.

The Second Degree

Second Degree Reiki takes us further into ourselves and gives us more powerful tools for self-discovery and integration. With the help of several symbols we learn to let the universal life energy flow more efficiently. The Second and Third Degree Reiki symbols should be kept absolutely secret. Some schools go so far as to forbid students to write them down. I believe it is all right to write them down, but they should be kept from uninitiated eyes.

The Third Degree (3a)

In the Third Degree workshop, the student is initiated into the Reiki Master symbol. There is little to be said about the Third Reiki Degree, except that the Master symbol consciously connects us to the divine spark. Some people call it the "higher self". I don't particularly like that expression, because it is easily misunderstood to mean that there is something like a higher, bigger, or better ego that talks to us. What I call the divine spark is beyond all words and language. It is pure "being", the center of existence, that can only be found in absolute silence, within and without.

Third Degree Reiki is mainly used for private meditation. After the Third Degree, the Reiki system is basically complete. The Master symbol can be used at any time and as often as you wish to "reinitiate" yourself, if you will.

The Third Degree (3b)

In the Third Degree (3b), students are taught how to initiate others into all of the above degrees (some Reiki schools and individual teachers teach only how to initiate the first two degrees).

The Third Degree (3b) is only of interest to people who want to share Reiki - and therefore themselves - with others.


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