The Sun Gong

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Sun Gong: The Music of the Spheres

The Tone of the Sun Gong

Supports the perception of one’s own center, the magical and transcendental, is beyond all imagination and will lead the listener into new dimensions. Listening to this tone will lead to a state beyond good and bad, shame and guilt, beyond time and space, knowledge and wisdom, action and rest, and being and not-being. It leads to a state where being has no name, to a state where the all-one and the all-encompassing are no longer separate entities but are reunited at their one, common origin, the origin that is also you.

The Meaning of the Four Steps to Oneness

Visualize and enjoy the whole journey step by step, or customize your experience by choosing any individual step or combination of preferences.

  1. Genesis (8 min) The Sun Gong
    Visualize what you would like to accomplish.
    Is the beginning of new state of balance and synchrony. By expanding and shifting, by stretching, relaxing and letting go. The intense desire of rebirth pulls you through to your new creation.

  2. Creation (12 min) The Sun Gong
    Feel your visualization
    After the Beginning is established by the Genesis, continue to reaffirm that new state by a constant rush of energy, creating and reaffirming the new balance and synchronic patterns which brings you to Ecstasy.

  3. Ecstasy (23 min) The Sun Gong
    Enjoy your new self
    After balance and synchrony is created, the smoothness of Ecstasy appears in an up and down rumbling. Your whole being is in a complete infinite loop without beginning and without end.

  4. Tantra (8 min) The Sun & Moon Gongs
    Share your enjoyment
    After the Ecstasy of that new wholeness, the interaction and expression with other beings and elements comes to you. Being able to maintain and enjoy your oneness in relation to others and the universe.

The Sun Gong:

The tone of the Sun was determined by Swiss Scientist hang Cousto using the orbital lengths and speeds of the closest and furthest planet to the Sun. Applying the law’s of the 16th century A.C. physician and astronomer Johannes Kepler and the affirmations of Pythagoras, Greek Philosopher, mathematician, musician and cosmologist from 600 B.C. which developed the concept of “the Music of the Spheres.” The Sun and the other Planet Gongs bring the harmonic convergence of the celestial bodies as pure sound energy. The Sun is a star and the center of our solar system, through its gravitational field and radiance all is sustained.

Pitch: B (126.22hz – 8th octave)
Chakra: Solar Plexus / Heart
Properties: Energizing, Purifying, Healing