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Everything is in constant vibration, even ourselves. Ancient tradition mentions that we have 8 main Energy Centers called Chakras. When they are aligned and balanced, they allow the Kundalini “The Psychic Energy of Your Creative Power” which sets at the bottom of the spine, to rise through the Central Psychic channel activating on its way all the Energy Centers and allowing us to experience the Universal Self, known as Enlightenment.

Each Chakra relates to a different physical part of our bodies and physique. It also relates to colors, different musical notes and specific sounds. Using ancient singing bowls, bells, gongs and classical guitar of master quality, we designed our sounds to match these musical notes.

By listening to these sounds and focusing your attention using their location, color and/or sound, you can synchronize, balance, recharge and open the Chakras. The internal revitalizing sound massage will re-pattern your whole being on a deep molecular level.

  1. FOCUSING EYEBROW POINT bell & guitar (11:31)
    Focusing and centering at the command center (eyebrow point – 6th Chakra)

  2. 1st CHAKRA ROOT bowl & guitar (4:12)
    Color: Red (prosperity-security & me, me & prosperity-security are one), (all my needs are always met)

  3. 2nd CHAKRA SACRAL bowl, low guitar (4:04)
    Color: Orange (creativity-life energy & me, me & creativity-life energy are one)

  4. 3rd CHAKRA NAVEL bowl (3:50)
    Color: Yellow (strength-commitment & me, me & strength-commitment are one)

  5. 4th CHAKRA HEART bowl & guitar (10:03)
    Color: Green(total love & me, me & total love are one)

  6. 5th CHAKRA THROAT bowl & guitar (8:01)
    Color: Blue (truth-communication & me, me & truth-communication are one)

  7. 6th CHAKRA EYEBROW bowl & guitar (16:25)
    Color: Indigo (total intuition & me, me & total intuition are one)

  8. 7th CHAKRA CROWN bowl & guitar (12:22)
    Color: Violet (my higher self & me, me & my higher self are one)

  9. 8TH CHAKRA ENERGY FIELD gong & bell(4:48)
    Color: White (infinite & me, me & Infinite are one)


Sotantar Singh (Salvador Broch)
Gong Master

Michael “Fire Fingers” Olsen – Guitarist

“May the Force be in You, Us & All”