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Venus Gong

Aspecting Moon, Jupiter, Neptune

  1. VENUS – 22 minutes
    Enhances ability to feel and have love and close relationships with others. The sense of creativity and artistry, the ability to receive, share, and increase our love of pleasure, joy, harmony and self-appreciation and love.

  2. VENUS & THE MOON – 11 minutes
    Venus qualities plus promotes emotional tranquility, softness, intuition, balances emotions and flowing flexibility with life.

  3. VENUS & JUPITER – 22 minutes
    Venus qualities plus brings trust and prosperity, jovial spirit of laughter, openness to receive good fortune.

  4. VENUS & NEPTUNE – 22 minutes
    Venus qualities plus brings spiritual experiences and getting in touch with our artistic nature and creativity in music, art & dance.

  5. ORBITING VENUS – 22 minutes
    Venus qualities plus balancing left and right sides of the brain and body finding your center, balancing brain function opening our mind to love and the universe.